Dog Gone Online Now!

Holy cow, it has been a while! Apologies all around, we got wrapped up in the Kickstarter for The Rink and things are starting to calm down a bit. We hit our goal, by the way! That’s so exciting! Big thanks to everyone who supported us. More news on that one soon.

Today, we’re here to talk about Dog Gone. This is a short we shot in 2013, but life got in the way and this project got pushed to the wayside for a few years. Since we hit our goal, we figured why not share something to celebrate? Here’s a post that explains further what was behind the delay in the finishing of the film.

Facebook Post

And here’s the film itself!

Dog Gone

The film is a dark comedy starring Kelli Bland. It’s about a woman named Iris who comes to house and dog sit for her brother in Austin for a weekend. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as planned when she discovers the dog, Werner, is dead.

If you enjoy the film, please share with your friends! More updates on Good Feels, The Rink, and more soon. Keep your eyes peeled!