The Rink Teaser Trailer and Hill Country Film Festival

Yesterday, after many struggles with our video upload, we finally shared the first look at our newest film, the horror short titled THE RINK. With the teaser, we also launched a Kickstarter to help us with our finishing efforts on the film. Check out the trailer and the campaign here:

Our team is like a small group of MacGyvers, figuring out the best way to make a movie with as little resources as possible. However, we can’t realistically do everything ourselves. Please consider a contribution and sharing our teaser with your friends and family.

Along with our campaign launch, we’re also going to be screening Good Feels On Wheels at the Hill Country Film Festival in Fredericksburg on Friday. Our screening is at 3:15pm at the Fritztown Cinema. Come on out and get day drunk with us as we share some Feels with the hill country!

For badges, visit the Hill Country Film Festival official site. Or tickets can be bought in person on site.

We hope to see you out there!