Happy Halloween Week!

We don’t know about you, but here at SPI, Halloween is our favorite time of year. You can wear sweaters, eat a ton of pumpkin crap, and use it as an opportunity to take a deep dive into the world of cinematic horror. Why not take a chance with one of our spooky offerings?

First, we have Breaking and Entering, a short we produced in 2013. Two burglars break into a suburban home hoping to find a big payday, but what they found instead is far more sinister.

Breaking and Entering

Next, an extra spooky episode of our web series, Weekend Plans. In this Halloween special, Jon is ripped from his slumber by a strange noise and decides to investigate.

Weekend Plans - “It Came From Downstairs”

Finally, we co-produced a short with Living Pictures Film for the ABC’s of Death competition from a few years back. An office worker gets pushed over the edge by his obnoxious boss.

T is for Tuesday

We have big plans to make more horrific content in 2019! So, stay tuned.

From all of us at Short Picture Independent, we hope you all have a safe and scary Halloween!