"{Good Feels on Wheels is] a sweet and endearing love letter to Austin, as seen through the eyes of two sweet and endearing characters." 

— Bryan Poyser


"Interview: Ronald Short, writer/director, Weekend Plans"

— Lights, Camera, Austin, 2015


"Indiana-based film to have world premiere."



"Hoosier Connections at Indy Film Fest."

— Indianapolis Monthly, 2012


“[Stephanie Thoreson] is a very natural actress. She's super funny and easy to relate to and believable in her performance..”

— Audience member, AFS Work in Progress screening for Good Feels on WHeels


"[Weekend Plans is] funny and chill and weird, and I think you guys will dig it. It's definitely got an Austin-specific vibe, and the three leads have a goofy, likable way about them.

— Meredith Borders, birth. Movies. Death. 2015

[Weekend Plans] is definitely the sort of show you should enjoy with buddies — the kind that makes you feel like you’re watching yourselves on screen.

— Sam watermeir,